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Music Fundamentals Practice Exercises

Print out any of the practice exercises and assignments listed below to improve your music theory skills and knowledge. Each page is in PDF format and is free to use. All of the exercises are very simple and focus on one element of music, and each one relates to the information on this site and

For more information on the exercises, visit the Practice Exercise pages for each element of music.

Practice Pages Focusing on Sound

Writing Noteheads In the Staff
Writing Ledger Lines and Noteheads Above the Staff
Writing Ledger Lines and Noteheads Below the Staff
Drawing the Treble and Bass Clef
Writing Accidentals: Flats and Sharps
Keyboard Pitch Identification

Practice Pages Focusing on Melody

Ascending half steps in treble clef
Ascending half steps in bass clef
Ascending whole steps in treble clef
Writing Major Scales
Determining Numeric Intervals
Writing Natural Minor Scales
Writing Melodic Minor Scales
Writing Harmonic Minor Scales

Practice Pages Focusing on Harmony

Writing Major and Minor Triads
Writing Diminished and Augmented Triads
Writing Chords in the Major Harmonic System





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