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Interactive Piano Keyboard with Pitch Names

The first four sections of this site teach how to read notes on a printed staff. Here is an interactive piano keyboard to help you learn how to play the notes on a musical instrument. (If you can’t see it or activate it, update your Flash Player.) Point to a note to see what it is called, and click your mouse on a key to hear its pitch. In this keyboard, the notes on the left side are indicated with the bass clef, and the notes on the right hand side are indicated with the treble clef. Middle C is the dividing point. Keep in mind that all notes can be indicated with either clef, but for the sake of neatness, this keyboard only includes one clef at a time.

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Note that all of the black keys on the piano keyboard above have two names. Two different names for the same pitch are called enharmonic equivalents.

The chart below shows a list of enharmonic equivalents. The note names listed next to each other represent the same pitch.

C sharp = D flat
D sharp = E flat
E = F flat
E sharp = F
F sharp = G flat
G sharp = A flat
A sharp = B flat
B = C flat
B sharp = C





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